A Cure for Global Warming plus Drought Relief

by TheOxygenFactory.net, a Subsidiary of Krebs & Sisler, LP


CHICAGO--()--In Patent # 8,673,619, TheOxygenFactory.net outlines the renewable energy process which transforms CO2 to carbon and oxygen and purifies water. Using this process, the carbon becomes biomass in the metabolism of a cyanobacteria like Spirulina in the presence of light in the visible light spectrum. Natural plant growth of the cyanobacteria is amplified many, many times by LED lighting and CO2 saturation in deep flowing water. Organic and inorganic compounds and chemical toxins are mineralized in photocatalysis using such produced oxygen, which are then absorbed (metabolized) in the microalgal biomass that is harvested. The biomass may then be dried and re-burned in a never-ending process.


According to TheOxygenFactory.net, adoption of its technologies would allow a city like Los Angeles to fulfill its water needs by the recycling of wastewater and the desalination of seawater, eliminating the need to draw from the water table supporting central California agriculture. Further, the rewards of abundant freshwater and oxygen realized by embracing combustion and CO2 recycling should eliminate the desire to generate electricity via nuclear power, eliminating the issues of nuclear waste disposal, accidents (Fukushima, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island), and enrichment of uranium programs for peaceful versus military use. (For additional recent stories our technologies can help out with, please see Why?)


New Technologies for Demonstration

Three             Capital and                           Proposed
Complementary             One Year             Development             Scale of
Processes             Operating Cost             Time             Operation
Rotary Kiln Oxygen Combustion             $150,000,000 to             2.5 Years             50 to 350
Condensing Boiler. No coal             $300,000,000                           Megawatts
pulverizers, no sulfur scrubber,                                          
no electrostatic precipitator, no                                          
smoke stack; no CO2 emissions                                          
if CO2 is recycled by process 3                                          
Rotary Kiln Dryer: Electric             $10,000,000             1.5 Years             10,000 tons of dry coal
resistance heating to dry coal                                         per 24 hours using off-
or biomass to less than 3%                                         peak power ~10 hours
moisture.                                         per day.

CO2 Recycling by

            $10,000,000 to             1.5 Years             Recycle 1,000 to 3,000

U.S. Patent # 8,673,619,

            $30,000,000                           tons of CO2 per day to

a renewable energy process.

                                        biomass and oxygen.






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